Issues of Diversity in Science/ Opinion piece in the Scientist

Ed Smith edsmith61 at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Jul 20 12:29:11 EST 1999

In the July 19 issue of The Scientist (the electronic version is available 
at, I have suggested an alternative approach 
in an Opinion Piece about genomics and minority education.... please let me 
know your views on this and as reflected below (yesterday's email from 
Francis COllins), policy makers are also eager to pursue some viable 

{Dear Dr. Smith,
	I have just read your Opinion piece in the July 19 issue of The
Scientist.  You make a variety of superb points.  I agree that it is 
that the resources of the genome project benefit scientists in all 
I am delighted to hear of your experience at the Univ. of Washington Genome
Center, as this is just the sort of partnership we would like to encourage.
Here in the intramural program of NHGRI we have initiated a partnership with
Howard University that is focused on the genetics of adult onset diabetes 
prostate cancer in African-Americans -- and this is becoming quite exciting.
But much more needs to be done.  I hope that at some point in the future I 
be able to call on you for advice.
		Best regards,
			Francis Collins}

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