Ramfang anyone?

abrandt abrandt at ab.hjemme.dk
Wed Jun 2 01:00:27 EST 1999

Perhaps you should have a look on the Compositae, Tanacetum vulgare. Its a
0.5- 1 m tall plant with 'carrot' like leaves and with a strong smell.The
flowers are yellow-gold in color and small and composite. The plant is
well known in Scandinavia. In danish it is called 'rejnfan' or 'regnfang'
which litterally means 'catch rain'. In old times it was used as a remedy
against, fleas, bed-bugs, moths etc.


>I am in Minnesota, USA.  The plant is native to Iceland.
>The leaves are long and fern-like, but the actuall
>pattern to the leaf looks more like a carrot leaf.
>It is *not* a fern.  The previous owner was a native
>of Iceland and told me what I know about it.  She
>said it also small flowers but they have not bloomed
>yet.  This plant really *does* smell like mint or catnip
>but looks nothing like either.

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