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> Several months ago I purchased a potted palm plant.  Was cautioned
not to
> over water and just feed monthly.  I repotted it a month ago as it
was root
> bound  and now the leaves are turning brown.  Please help!
g'day cobaltblue,

you don't say what sort of palm or where you keep the palm, so i'll
just go with some generall hints. the leaves turning brown could be
natural progression, a watering problem or a root bound problem.

yes never overwater but don't under water either, getting the required
water to a potted plant is probably not quiet as easy as it seems, the
best way is to soak the pot say once a week in summer twice if it
needs. you do this by standing the pot in a tub or container that will
hold water and fill the container with water to the top of the potted
plant pot, leave it soak about an hour then remove from the water let
it drain and put it in your desired peosition.

use a 9 month slow release fertilise and weekly feeding then is not
necessary, although some foliage feeding with a 1/4 strength fish type
liquid fertiliser on a once week basis in summer won't hurt.

now if it is root bound you are going to have to make a decision on
what action to take, but you will need to take some sort of remedial

the easy way of course is to simply re-pot it up to the next size pot,
if this is conventiant to do so i would suggest that you do that,
keeping in mind for indoor/patio plants you need to move them about so
if you plant in too big of a pot then this can be chore can difficult,
i usually find up to 3 or 4 gallon size is adequate.

if the palm is already in a large enough pot (and providing it isn't a
super sensitive type) you can trim some root from the root ball to
allow for the replacment of some of the growing medium. contact me
further if this is the way you need to go.

now when you re-pot use a good organic potting mix, i don't use the big
name commecial mixes for me they just don't do the job, i find locally
produced produced small name brands to be far more reliable.

keep in touch


happy gardening
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