Automatic watering system...

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Tue Jun 29 00:06:06 EST 1999

I,ve succesfully used  capillary matting in a selfconstucted window box,
bottom  and about 2.5 of the sides lined with plastic. With strips of
capillary matting stuck inside pot and hanging down into water, this has
worked extremly well. Only needing water about once a week. Box is on south
west side of house, bright sun,  temps. into the high 80's.

KDBANGLIA wrote in message <19990628212854.23143.00007344 at>...
>I've been running this test and it works fine.
>Just fill a plastic water container with water and turn it upside down in a
>dish with a vertical lip.  Support the bottle but put a small spacer
>the bottle opening and the base of the dish to allow water to escape.
>get hold of some capillary matting and sit the plant pot on this, then take
>cut a strip of capillary matting and place one end in the dish with the
>Or you could put one end of the capillary strip in the soil but I have not
>tried this method.
>It could be possible to market this but I have used this method in a cold
>and fifty or so plants over some years.
>Good luck!

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