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> 1 Defenbachia flowering - flowers seem to want to come out but get soggy and
> turn into a mushy mess that has to be removed. I have removed about 4 of
> these. Is this a flowering plant ? What do the flowers look like ?#

Dieffenbachia is a member of Araceae and the flowers are minute, 
densely clustered at the base of a spadix - the long, solid spike 
that is wrapped in the spathe. Not pretty and not conspicuous. If the 
minute female flowers are not fertilized, the spadix etc with wither 
and produce no fruits. If they are fertilized, fruits will form but 
the spadix will still wither.
Try a AROID or Araceae web-sites for these, or search for 
Dieffenbachia (note spelling).

> 2 Indoor Bamboo plant that has an unusual growth on it that 
resembles seed pods. This is a striking looking seed pods with 
beautiful orange stems and blue and green pods the size of a shelled 
pea. These have been there for more than 3 years and more are growing.

This is NOT a bamboo. But I cannot recognize it from your 
description. Sound more like a palm. Bambooo seeds are like grass 
seeds, and ripen straw-coloured.

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