Unidentified Asian plant

arron kcchin at pacific.net.sg
Tue Mar 2 11:57:01 EST 1999

Myzek wrote:

> I am looking for assistance in identifying a plant found throughout Southeast
> Asia and the Indian Subcontinent.  It is vine-like with a very unusual feature.
>  Upon contact with animals or humans, it will fold in on itself and has hinges
> on its branches which helps it to fold against the stem.  It is a defence
> mechanism to prevent damage.  If anybody can identify the species or genus I
> would greatly appreciate it.  Thank you in advance.

To be described here is not  a 'vine-like plant,'
other than that, you seems to be describing

Mimosa pudica,   'touch-me-not'  english
                           'shy grass/herb'  chinese
A herbaceous plant usually about a foot in size,
but low profile/postrating plant ,about 6 inches high.
Very thorny,
Being a mimoseae, of course  have the mimoseae
features: Bipinnate leaves, lomentum fruits
It exhibit induce nastic seismonasty.
When touched, not necessarily by animals
the leaves folds back to the branches.
It is a very common plant over here in
semi-tendered grass fields.

(may I ask why you are interested in this plant?
it is of course quite a medicinal herb over here)

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