PLEASE do not submit binaries to this newsgroup

I don't like spam! spam.spam at
Thu Mar 4 14:31:04 EST 1999

Recently there have been several posting from casual visitors to this
newsgroup with large binary image attachments. These types of postings
are inappropriate for this newsgroup.

This is because:

1. This newsgroup is part of a select set of newsgroups provided by
non-commercial servers, such as universities, with limited disc space
devoted to news. Postings of large binaries, usually of 1000 lines or
greater, limits greatly the number of text only postings, usually less
than 50 lines, which these groups are intended for.

2. While you may have a fast modem or direct network account with
unlimited access time, a very large percentage of news readers don't.
Many people also do not have the luxury of downloading only the
headers of messages, and have to download every message posted to a
group in its entirety. Those people who fit into these two categories
do not appreciate these unexpected large postings.

3. If you wish to make large binaries available to people for their
enjoyment and/or your enlightenment, there are two acceptable means of
doing this: post to a newsgroup only if the name contains the word
.binaries. in its title. The majority of these are in the alt.binaries
regime. If the newsgroup name does not have the word binaries in it,
DO NOT POST BINARIES 	TO IT! Secondly, create a web page with your
pictures in it and post the address only of that web page to this, or
other non-binaries groups. This way a person has the choice of whether
or not to take the time and expense to view your image(s).

Thank you.
Go and sin no more!

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