Botany vs Plant biology

Pierre Lejeune Pierre.Lejeune at
Thu Mar 4 09:16:58 EST 1999

Hello Benoit,

In my opinion Plant Biology is a term with a larger meaning than Botany. Two
years ago we decided to rename our institute "Plant biology dept." instead of
"Botany dept." because cell and molecular biologists working on plants didn't
want to be called botanists any more. It seems that the word Botany sounds a
little bit old-fashioned these days. So, plant biology would be: all fields of
biology that relate to plants, while botany would designate some of the most
traditional fields like taxonomy.
But this is just an opinion....


Pierre Lejeune

Benoit Bilodeau wrote:

> Hello to everyone!
> I am trying to find a definition for the term Plant biology (or Biologie
> vegetale in french). I want to know if this term is different from Botany. I
> am working on an indexing vocabulary and have to decide whether Plant
> biology will exist by itself as and indexing term in our thesaurus or if we
> should rather use Botany as a prefered term for Plant biology. To do so I
> have to define the term Plant biology.
> Any advise?
> Thanks in advance.
> Benoit Bilodeau
> Universite du Quebec a Montreal
> bilodeau.benoit at

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