genetic engineering-dangers/tests

Heather Youngs youngs at BMB.OGI.EDU
Fri Mar 5 17:28:18 EST 1999

I can't believe I'm reading this crap!

the quote recently posted on this newsgroup was: 

> engineering. For some reason we think that science is inviolable;
> that all science is good science. There is such a thing as BAD
> science and genetic engineering is BAD science, not just bad
> technology or application of science.

I know of no scientist who thinks ALL science is good science.  However,
I cannot believe anyone would classify genetic engineering as "BAD
science"!!!  In my book...bad science is science done branch
of science is arbitrarily "BAD"...this is riduculous!!  Genetic
engineering has so many "GOOD" applications and benefits.  This is an
extremely narrow view and has no place in science period.

-heather youngs
oregon graduate institute

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