genetic engineering-dangers/tests

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Sat Mar 6 13:20:18 EST 1999

ban-gmo1 at schrieb:

> Did you know that A. G. Farben was the parent company of the main
> biotech companies in Germany? It was a divided into three
> chemical companies after the Second World War. Such a wonderful
> heritage! A. G. Farben became infamous for supplying the
> poisonous chemicals for killing the Jews in the concentration
> camps. Not satified with that, they are extending their campaign
> to the whole human race through the bad science of genetic
> engineering.

Old news. Just because a corp aided in the holocaust, it does not mean
thta its sucessors have an entirely different agenda. Don't be mistaken:
there's possibly no entity as loosely attached to whatever moral stance
prevails at one time and in one place as both corporations in a free
economy and science. Take Wernher von Braun - while he helped Hitler to
construct what would have been the first ICBM (targettet at New York
with a nuke warhead... yummy), the Apollo program wouldn't have been
what it was if the US hadn't snagged him away from Germany after the
And another thing: how contraproductive can you get? Extermination of
humankind BY humans? Get real.
Real research on potential transfer of genes from GM crops to humans
(especially to the germ cell line) is being conducted at Cologne
University, and the results suggest that it occurs. Not actually
frequently, but now and then. You decide.



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