controlled bacteria environment

Eric M. Angeles eangeles at
Sun Mar 7 02:12:42 EST 1999


Does anyone know of sources that sell bacteria, macro and micro
combinations, that can be used to aid in soil conditioning?

I have always used sterilized soil in my raised beds and added compost,
along with the soil at the base of the bed.  I have found that after
tilling this mixture thoroughly that I end up with an excellent growing
medium, with fewer diseases. Additionally, I test and make amendments
for K, P, and N.

Now I would like to step it up and experiment with added predefined
bacteria. I am new to the study of bacteria and am not sure of the
knowledge base incorporated into commercial products.  However, would
any research leads to allow me to learn how I can create a more
controlled bacteria environment or leads to commercial products on the

Thanks in advance,

Walking there today,
I could hear the moss grow.
I was walking slow.

--E.M.Angeles, Library of Congress

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