Flor de Baile, Dama de la Noche

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Mon Mar 8 16:58:37 EST 1999

Hello all,

I've been asked by a friend from Venezuela to identify a plant identified
only by its two common names: "Flor de baile" and "Dama de la Noche".
Additional identifying information is as follows: It is *not* the Brassavola
nodosa orchid which is also known by that common name. Rather, it appears to
be an Epiphyllum of some sort or a close relative. It has the classic
flattened succulent lobed stems (my friend drew me a picture), and it has
large, fragrant, white, bell- shaped flowers. I cannot say for sure if this
plant is endemic to Venezuela, or if it's merely sold in the nursery trade
there for gardeners' hanging baskets.

Can anyone help?

David Deutsch

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