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>I've just started to add house plants to my decor and know very little
>about re-podding, starting new plants etc.  I bought a philledendrom
>that is very thick at bottom and would like to start a new plant. Can
>i knock off all dirt from the roots and cut plant down middle lets say
>and then just replant ?  Also best way to start new plant from
>clipping. Should i put new clipping in water first until roots form or
>can you just stick new clipping directly into podding soil ? Thanks 
>for any comments or suggestions.

>Kevin Falconer   Hoffman Estates, IL

First, identify the plant....what kind of philadendron do you have?
Some plants are best propagated in water, some in soil, some in sand.
USUALLY the best cuttings for propagation are tip cuttings.
Hope to be hearing from you soon!


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