Flor de Baile, Dama de la Noche

Dave McRitchie alicia.gradson at utoronto.ca
Tue Mar 9 10:07:18 EST 1999

dd at gondwana.org wrote:

> Hello all,
> I've been asked by a friend from Venezuela to identify a plant identified
> only by its two common names: "Flor de baile" and "Dama de la Noche".
> Additional identifying information is as follows: It is *not* the Brassavola
> nodosa orchid which is also known by that common name. Rather, it appears to
> be an Epiphyllum of some sort or a close relative. It has the classic
> flattened succulent lobed stems (my friend drew me a picture), and it has
> large, fragrant, white, bell- shaped flowers. I cannot say for sure if this
> plant is endemic to Venezuela, or if it's merely sold in the nursery trade
> there for gardeners' hanging baskets.
> Can anyone help?
> David Deutsch
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  Hello David,

Your mystery plant may well be Selenicereus grandiflorus which (among other
species)is commonly called "Queen of the Night".  It is endemic to the West
Indies and Mexico. Or it might be one of the Hylocereus species endemic to the
same areas.
Hope this helps to narrow it down a little.

Dave McRitchie,
Toronto, Canada

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