Spider Plant Question

Tina Marie Johnson tojo at csd.uwm.edu
Thu Mar 11 20:00:09 EST 1999

On 11 Mar 1999, MThrift wrote:

> Hi I am new here and was wondering if anyone can help me out?
> I have a Picturatum Spider Plant and would like to know how to go about
> starting new plants from the plantlets. Any Information would be greatly
> appreceiated.
>                                              MaryAnn

I've always had sucess by pinching off the plantlet, then sticking it in a
small pot of suitalbe potting soil (a pot maybe 4" wide), and then keeping
the soil moist everyday for about 2 weeks.  The moisture will create root
growth, so it is very important to keep it moist every day.  Also, you can
put 5-6 of the plantlets into a larger pot and soon enough you will have a
full grown houseplant!  
Also, some people prefer to 'root it' in a glass of water, for a few days,
but i've never had any luck with this.  Hope this helps...

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