Brugmansia has a!

m&v animaux at
Fri Mar 12 18:16:03 EST 1999

I need some help.  I have a B.versicolor 'Alba' which is showing
symptoms of having some sort of mosaic virus.  When I inspected the
plant, I saw some aphid nymphs (spreader culprit).  I didn't see any
thrips, but this is not a good time for thrips, anyway.  I posted two
photo's on my website  if you would
please take a look.  The first two photo's on the page are the ones of
the B.versicolor.  It may take a few minutes to load...sorry. There is
a mottling, and a raised look to the cellular structure of the leaves.
Almost as if the leaf surface is separated into sheets.  The new
growth does not display any symptoms, yet.  I took care of the aphids,
and I will spray a few more times with hort.soap.  I also know there
is a treatment being prescribed which consists of 9 parts water to 1
part hort.soap...I have not tried it.  If any plant pathologists or
any gardener knows anything about this virus, speak NOW!  HELP!  I am
a collector of the nightshades, and a virus can wipe me out

Thanks in advance, and I hope to see some brain storming...


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