Brugmansia has a!

Patrick Smith shasta at
Fri Mar 12 23:43:09 EST 1999

Check out:

I'm no plant pathologist but there are some great plant virus sites out
there.  This reference talks about mottled leaves and a virus called: Datura
Colombian potyvirus that has an Aphid as a vector. It mentions several
Daturas and a few Daturas that are now Brugmansias.  No mention of D. or
B.versicolor but several other close ones. No mention on how to cure it.
Looks bad though because of all the daturas and brugs mentioned that are

I'll keep looking around.  I have tree like Brugs near SF and I would be
very unhappy if they were attacked like that.  Have your sick plants been
inside?  Occationally, I used to bring in some cuttings to speed up the
rooting (I now realize they do best between 45-65) and some would get
attacked by aphids when I never had problems outside.  They seem to get
sickly inside, even in bright light.

The best search engine for plants is:  I did a search on "plant diseases" (no quotes)

It searches other search engines for any topic but it does a really good job
on plants and related issues.

Patrick Smith
shasta at

m&v wrote in message ...
>I need some help.  I have a B.versicolor 'Alba' which is showing
>symptoms of having some sort of mosaic virus.  When I inspected the
>plant, I saw some aphid nymphs (spreader culprit......)...snip

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