Brugmansia has a!

m&v animaux at
Sun Mar 14 10:45:46 EST 1999

On Sat, 13 Mar 1999 16:00:53 -0600, Elsie <townley at> wrote:

>It seems curious that the new growth is unaffected - viral damage is so
>symptomatic in the new growth with distortion, etc.. Are your plants
>outdoors, perhaps in a cool spot? Maybe the temps got a little low for a
>night or two? It looks like it could be cold damage to me. As you know,
>if it IS viral, there is nothing you can do except destroy those plants
>affected, and keep the vector under control. But I don't think it

That occurred to me as well.  I did have them outside, but protected.
However, there may have been a few nights with temps down into the
40s.  I have removed the leaves with the mottling, and we shall see.
The new foliage does not look affected.  I did spray with the
insecticidal soap  mixture that Pam told me about.  One part to nine
parts water.  I hope it was just cold damage.

I'll keep you informed.  I am going to take a day course in plant
pathology in a week from Tuesday...I will bring the plant.


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