Genetic Engineering is BAD science

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Genetic Engineering is BAD science

In reply to the postings about genetic engineering 
not being bad science (in response to my posts
to mine stating it is), there are hundreds of thousands of
people who hold similar opinions about the dangers of
genetically engineered foods all over the world, including
top scientists and doctors. This number is increasing
because the facts are being presented to people. Before they
were not. Few people knew what was going on, especially in
the US. The Monsanto's wanted it this way, because they know
they are not concerned about the ecology or even the health
of people. They are only concerned about profit.

They know there will be resistance from the many people in
this world who are concerned about health and ecology and
natural law from a holistic perspective. The science and
technology is far too new to be used in the world's food
supply. Remember x-rays--the guy who discovered them shot
himself because he lost his hands from the damage caused by
this then newly discovered energy. It was only later science
found out how damaging x-rays could be.

There is such a thing as bad science. Science is a very
limited methodology of obtaining true knowledge. This is
because it only takes into account the objective world. It
does not consider the subjective world, the world of
intelligence which governs the objective world of energy and
matter. Unified Field theorists are realising that the
nature of the world is intelligence, that space is not empty
but fullness of intelligence (see John Hagelin's unified
field theories-a brilliant CERN physicist). This
intelligence is never taken into account in modern science
and thus it is not holistic and side effects are inevitable.
It can certainly be argued that incomplete science, which
modern science is, is bad science. Incomplete applications
are bound to happen under such circumstances.

Here is a quote from Mae-Wen Ho from her recently published
book, Genetic Engineering-Dream or Nightmare (where she
explains fully why genetic engineering is bad science):

(quote) Gene Technology is driven by a mindset that
recognises no moral values, is contrary to scientific
evidence, doesn't work the way it claims and is oblivious of
the grave dangers posed by the technology. It is bad science
working hand in hand with big business corporations under
the banner of free trade and free choice. It will
effectively take control of every aspect of our lives from
food production to reproduction. In the process it may ruin
our food supply, destroy biodiversity and unleash pandemics
of drug and antibiotic resistant infectious diseases

Surely there is a persuasive argument for a holistic
approach to science that will better serve humanity. d Why
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This we know. The earth does not belong to man; man belongs to 
earth. This we know. All things are connected, like the blood 
unites one family. All things are connected. Whatever befalls 
earth befalls the sons of the earth. Man did not weave the web 
life; he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the 
web, he
does to himself. (Chief Seattle ­ N American Indian.)

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