Propigating Yew from cuttings

Dennis G. Dennis_Goos at
Tue Mar 16 19:26:21 EST 1999

"Robert Tiernan" <RVTJR at> wrote:

>I would like to start a bunch of new Yew bushes from cuttings.  Is there
>anyone out there who could give me some tips.  It is still pretty cold up
>here in Connecticut and I was thinking about taking hardwood cuttings. 
>Should I wait for spring to hit and try softwood?  Any tips on either of
>these methods? (all I really know is the names)

Take the Taxus cuttings now while the yew is dormant. Try to provide some bottom
heat (65-70F) but keep the air temperature as low as 40-50F. If you can't
provide the bottom heat, don't worry: they'll root without it but don't give the
cuttings warm air:they'll dehydrate without roots. Most important is watering.
Place cuttings into an evenly moist but not wet substrate such as
peat:perlite/40:60. Don't water the cuttings unless you must until the growth
starts. Remember the cuttings are still dormant and will not be growing so how
could they use water? Treat them like cactus until you get some roots. Taxus are
not fond of wet feet anyway and cuttings will rot easily.  Anywhere from 60 to
120 days to root depending on light and bottom heat. Be patient.


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