Brugmansia has a! - Newsgroup problems

Dennis G. Dennis_Goos at
Fri Mar 19 08:26:30 EST 1999

Have you tried reading the news groups at:


"Patrick Smith" <shasta at> wrote:

>dd at wrote in message <7cghaf$ll6$1 at>...
>>As for the length of time your posts show, believe it or not, all that
>>is a function of your own ISP's news-server. ..snip...........
>That makes sense.  I see today's and yesterday's postings only.
>Occationally, I'll see responses from a few days earlier, but I miss many
>threads if I don't look every day.  I often see responses to postings that I
>never saw!  I guess they are trying to save on server disk space.  I have
>also noticed that occationally, a posting to this group will make reference
>to a newsgroup like: fl.gardening or Hawaii.gardens but I can't see them on
>the huge list of newsgroups I get.  I wonder if they really exist.
>>A close friend recently dropped his account with CRL and moved
>>to another provider out of disgust and frustration from his dealings with
>>their customer service.
>I've had problems with CRL myself, although they have been better lately.
>There have been times, were it not for me being a computer programmer, where
>I would have been totally lost.  And even with my knowledge, it has been a
>challenge at times.
>Patrick Smith
>shasta at

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