Crop protection from cold weather

Noe RS noerods at usa.netDELETE$IT¡
Thu Mar 18 09:16:48 EST 1999

Good day ¡

I have interest about injury in frozen plants tissue cause
by the cold
weather, and I want to do some questions about this.

There are some formulas about the use of sucrose and
trehalose for prevent the freeze damage to plants like
potato, lettuce,
celery, carrot and other verdures and fruits like lemon,

My questions are :

This or similar products (containing sucrose , or maybe with
trehalose) are being used in commercial scale in your
country to prevent this freeze damage from the cold weather
in field of crops ? have you heard about this product ?

Have this products bad effects in the crops ? are they
accepted commonly by farmer ?

Or may be you can to suggest me some scientist or engineer
who have worked directly with this case.

I thank any advice of you  ¡¡¡
Noe             (Chemical Engineer)

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