Any advice??

Hybrid-T hybrid_T at
Sun Mar 21 03:50:28 EST 1999

Some experience with #2 here in California:
I've seen it look great, but usually not, and it tends to hold on to
dead blossoms instead of dropping them. Not my favorite plant.
Snow bush is beautiful (here) but of course you'd want to find info for
your area.

Alan S wrote:

> Is anyone familiar with any of these plants and their advantages and
> drawbacks?
> 1-Snow bush
> 2-Yesterday-today- tomorrow
> 3-Croton
> 4 Bamboo palm
> 5-Thryallis
> 6-Fire bush
> 7-Wax Privet
> 8-Eild coffee
> 9-Lady Palm
> These would be to plant in SE Florida, at least some would be used a
> visual
> barrier (an option to a shadowbox fence). Destructive roots would also
> be a
> concern.
> Thanks

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