Need Help in Castor Project

Lee silkwood at
Mon Mar 29 23:44:01 EST 1999

Hi everyone;
Now comes the real test--the report and presentation.
  I realised I need a good aim/objective to back me up for doing this
callus initiation form Castor bean in the first place
Do you know if Castor is a recalcitrant plant? If it is yes, it
definately help in my argument.

I know for sure that Castor's leaves have medicinal as well as
insect/pest fighting ability and the seed has emetic properties and the
seed's protein ricin is the world's deadliest posion. 1mg/L can kill you!

Other than that I can't think of any reason as to why I should initiate
callus?  I thought of callus is beacause micropropagation, somatic
embryogenesis and organogensis are all too long. Callus is considered
short time frame.

As for my previous question, it is confirmed vitrification in the leaves.
Even though only 0.1mg/L Kinetin, 0.1mg/L NAA was added, these could be
too much due to endogenous PGRs in the cotyledon leaves. Perhaps I could
try thin layer cell culture.

AS for quantification, I am intending to use a sample of new explants to
weigh to compare with the callus + explants, because I forgot to weigh
the explants before I started my experiment. It may be inaccurate but at
least it's better than nothing. Any comments?

silkwood at

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