Aloe question

Stephen M Jankalski CEREOID at
Mon May 31 10:19:13 EST 1999

Dear E. Thielmann,

Which Aloe species are you asking about? There are almost 500 named species
at the present.

What are spears? Are you referring to the leaves?

See what happens when you don't pay attention. :-)

Cereusly Steve


e.t. <e.thielmann at> wrote in article
<7iu8r9$bh8$1 at>...
> Sorry about this...I know we were discussing aloe a couple of weeks ago,
> I didn't really pay attention and now I need the advice!
> A couple of spears have fallen off of a waning plant.  Can these spears
> rooted?  If so, soil or water?
> Also, I am curious as to the storage of the gel.  Should it be harvested
> needed only or can it be stored to already have around.  I tried to store
> some extra from one of the aforementioned spears, but it turned a nasty
> brown.
> I appreciate your expertise!  e.t.

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