S.W. USA Plant ID Book Suggestions

Starbuck pmdlandarch at xearthlink.net
Wed Nov 10 16:11:52 EST 1999

I got a lot of milage from "Plants for Dry Climates" by Duffield and Jones,

"New Western Garden Book"  from Sunset is also good.  Both are more along
the line of general gardening guides, more so than ID books.

"Manual of the Trees of North America, Vol. I & II" by Sargent and "Manual
of the Grasses of North America, Vol. I & II" by Hitchcock, both from Dover
Press, are a little more technical.

"A Natural History of Trees of Western North America" from Houghton Mifflin
is an interesting read and good for a bedside table.  That would be my first
choice for a gift.

All these are rather generalized for a wide region, but when combined with a
plant list(s) from the local county extension office it will take them a
long way.  Maybe someone else has something more specific for that area.

Bert Bishop wrote in message <3829CB45.A8096119 at postbox.ohio-state.edu>...
>My stepfather recently moved to Tucson, AZ.  He and his wife like to
>hike and I would like to get them a tree and shrub identification book.
>(Are there any trees near tucson?)  Can anyone on this newsgroup give me
>any suggestions.  I think something fairly basic would be best.  Thanks
>Bert Bishop
>bishop.11 at osu.edu

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