calathea problem

BenglKitty benglkitty at
Sun Nov 14 22:54:18 EST 1999

I have a calathea, I don't know what kind exactly, I can't find any picture of
it on the internet. It has cigar shaped shoots that unfold into big oval shaped
leaves which have a lighter shade of green which forms a "leaf" shape inside of
the leaf itself. I don't know how to describe it. It has a dark red color on
the underside of the leaf. Anyways, my question is, what kind of conditions
does it need to grow well. It seems to be having trouble with some sort of leaf
disease. It is getting dry , brown patches on the mature leaves and is also
wilting. The new shoots are wilting and not unfolding. I can't keep the heat on
all the time in the house so I don't know what to do since I know it is
tropical. Any suggestions?

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