100 Most Important Science Books

Bert Bishop bishop.11 at postbox.ohio-state.edu
Tue Nov 16 10:28:26 EST 1999

How about _Coming_ _of_ _Age_ _in_ _Samoa_ by Margaret Mead?  My
honorable mention list would include _Rats_ _Lice_ _and_ _History_:... by
Hans Zinsser (about 1936) for popularizing epidemiology.  I too, like the
list, especially its careful effort (unlike my suggestions) to balance
the ealier books with ones from this century.  Even so, its choices seem
more driven by reference to important scientists as opposed to important

 (A closer look shows that Mendel is included in the orriginal list:
   1866 Versuche über Pflanzenhybriden
   (Experiments in Plant Hybridization) by Gregor
   Johann Mendel
   (for its contribution to genetics)           ).

Monique Reed wrote:

> Nice list!
> I think the works of some of the German botanists such as Engler and
> Prantl ought to rate at least an honorable mention.  Much of their
> family-level work stands today.  I would also include works of
> Cronquist, as well as _Genera Plantarum._
> How about something on the science/art of perspective?  A treatise on
> mapmaking?  Mendel's work?
> Good stuff!
> M. Reed

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