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Tapio Marttila tapio.marttila at quicknet.inet.fi
Sun Nov 21 14:04:40 EST 1999

In normal household are the Poinsettias (right name Euphorbia
pulcherrima: Euphorbiaceae) not flowering again, only once. And then they
are growing like a bush till 1-2 meters. And remember : Euphorbia
are VERY poisonous, especially their "milk", so, handle it always with
care, and keep it away from kids.
Tapio Marttila
"Jenny Cassady" <jkiddhunter at HOTMAIL.COM> kirjoitti
viestissä:19991115232553.32875.qmail at hotmail.com...
> I still have a pointsettia from last year and would like to know how
> to get it to bloom again.  could you please help me with this?  I would
> it if you could respond to my e-mail
>                     Thank you,
>                            J Cassady
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