How to save ring-barked trees?

Rod Savidge savidge at
Mon Nov 22 10:30:26 EST 1999

Graft a ring of bark, taken from a pruned branch of the same tree, such
that it just fills in the gap in the stem.  Pay attention to polarity (up
side of cambium taken from the branch should be grafted the same
orientation into the main stem).   Hold the graft strips in place with an
elastic girdle and smear the outer edges with bees wax to prevent
dehydration.  Leave it for at least a year before removing the elastic.


t 09:40 PM 22/11/1999 +0800, you wrote:
>Dear all,
>I have two ring-barked trees, both are about 20m tall tropical species.  One
>of them is substantially damaged, probably the cambium was severed.  Can
>anyone kindly advise any recommendations to save them? Can the application
>of moist peat moss (Sphagnum) on the wound help? Many thanks in advance!
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