info on fluorescent lighting

Steve Gordon stevegordon at
Mon Nov 22 19:07:11 EST 1999

I've not found all lamp spectra charts on the net and doubt very much if
they are there yet. Same with most manufacturers, they can supply some
but not all.

Try this URL to begin:

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Ken <Java6 at> wrote in message
news:2993-3837505D-112 at
> Does anybody know where I can find specific information on the light
> quality of various fluorescent bulbs. I would like to find info on total
> lumen output, color temperature, color rendering index [cri] and light
> spectrum graphs. If anybody knows of a web site, book or anything please
> let me know. I have heard of hand held light spectrum meters has anybody
> used these.I have had  a light catalog from G.E. this was informative
> but did not give light spectrum charts.   Thanks  Ken

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