How can I save my overwatered cactus?

Joe Guru joe_guru at
Tue Nov 23 15:10:21 EST 1999

if the problem has not went to far..... you can try
not watering as much.... let them dry out before you water...
superthive vitamin and hormone or nutiboost... which has 1 naa ... very good
to bring them back....
this is something you can try.... however if it has been to long.... sorry
you may lose them.....
did you know that you can cut the top off and start again with some cactus.
use this if all else fails...(when you have nothing to lose)
if you want to try this... email Me so I can give you some pointers...
cutting the dead out of the cactus can lead you to have more problems like a
open wound...
joe_guru at

Thatcher V. Hayward <tvhcNOTSPAM at> wrote in message
news:81daut$f0m$1 at
> I am pretty sure that I over-watered a once beautiful cactus. there are
> separate branches coming out of the pot that are now starting to fall to
> side. What is the best way to cut out the rotted part and start the plant
> growing again? How much should I cut off? each piece has quite a number of
> sections that branch off in different directions. Email to
> tvhc at would be very much appreciated.

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