How can I save my overwatered cactus?

MITTLEMAN MARC m.mittleman at
Tue Nov 23 16:49:48 EST 1999

Cut out all watering. Maintain in a dry sunny window or under grow
lights, not to close.  Sounds like dry rot.

If all else fails, cut the top off,  enough that your above the rotten
stem(s)and the tissue is green. Leave this part to callous over ( a few
days, and if you have can, you can dust the cut part with sulphur

After the stem callouses over, place it in a pot with a cactus growing
media, (no soil), maybe sand,peatmoss and some granite (equal parts)

Do not water.

I don't know what part of the country your in but in North America,
cacti are not acitvely growing now, and are approaching dormancy. Keep
you plants under bright light, do not water except when you start to see
new growth and do not fertilize. 

Good LUck!

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