Vs: pointsettias

John Dusek Schnips at webtv.net
Sun Nov 28 22:22:11 EST 1999

In reguards to your bloom question, the poster who stated the plant
needs short days is correct(Less then 12 hours). Also the point about
the bright light the rest of the time is very important.I wanted to add
that this 'short day treatment' needs to last about 7-8 weeks for the
plant to go reproductive, and to stay that way. Also we have found that
in older plants the perception of short days seems to take longer,
resulting in a delay in bloomong. First year plants respond to short
days within 6-8 weeks(depending on the variety) being aprox. 50-70% in
bloom by this time. Older plants response time is often up to 12 weeks
for the same rate of floral development. Also remember this,when you
interrupt the short day treatment by turning on lighs durring the dark
cycle you add two days longer to the response time( 1 'long' day = 2
days delay). 
      Also to the poster who expressed concern over the pesticides.
Hopefully by now your local grower is done spraying his plants, usually
we stop about 4-6 weeks before market and usually allways within the
market guidlines of the specific pesticide we are using.  This is a good
point though,  and you could ask your local grower when the last spray
   Last I wish to add that there are NO known deaths anywhere in the
world  as the result of point blooms and foilage being ingested, but the
sap has caused problems for some.

Thanks for a chance to post to this group!
Good luck!!!

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