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Tue Nov 30 14:50:40 EST 1999

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Ken <Java6 at> wrote:
>on fluorescent lighting specs. Thanks to members who responded. I am
>still looking for hard data on fluorescent lighting spectral graphs. I
>know the U.S. Agriculture Dept among others have done extensive research
>into fluorescent lighting and growing food crops under them. How do I
>find this info. Thanks Ken

The manufacturers' web pages usually have this info.  If not, you can
write to them.

In my experience, plants will grow under any kind of common fluorescent tube,
as long as they get enough light.  I've grown thousands of transplants with
cool whites, even though their PAR is not optimal.  I haven't noticed any
real difference in using gro-lux wide spectrum, daylight or warm white in
any combination at random.  Ditto with submersed aquatic plants. Unfortunately,
cool whites are usually 34W instead of 40W lately, so they may not be the 
least expensive source of light for growing plants any more.

The most economical artificial lighting for plant growth on a large scale 
is probably mercury vapor or similar HID lighting.  Hydroponics supply 
companies can provide lots of info on this.

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