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murali msachi at
Tue Oct 5 12:40:07 EST 1999

I wish to introduce myself as a  post doctoral researcher in plant
sciences. I completed my doctorate in 1996 with specialization in plant
biochemistry and biotechnology from Bharathiar University, Coimbatore,

Currently  I am looking  for  post doctoral research fellowships in
plant biochemistry and biotechnology. I am sending this mail to learn if
you are aware of any information about fellowships/ grants/ research
groups in these areas.

For your reference, here are my particulars:

Name and address Ms. K.C KALPANA70 Sullivan Street, Coimbatore 641 001,
INDIA.e-mail: kalps_1999 at
Date of birth October 3, 1967
Title of Ph.D. thesis (1996) "Studies on seed protein characterization,
polypeptide interrelationship and their genetic inheritance in sorghum"
Title of M.Phil. thesis (1992) "Comparison of seed protein fraction
between parents and their hybrids in sorghum"
Project experience · Research  Associate (September 1998 onwards) in the
Cytogenetics Laboratory Division of Crop Improvement Sugarcane Breeding
Institute, Coimbatore. · Senior Research Fellow (June 1998 - August
1998) in the Centre for Plant Molecular Biology, Tamil Nadu Agricultural
University, Coimbatore. · Project Assistant (February 1996 - March 1998)
in the Division of Genetics and Tree Breeding Institute of Forest
Genetics and Tree Breeding, Coimbatore.
Known  techniques à Electrophoresisà Immunologyà Isozyme, DNA  and PCR
References · Dr. K. Francis, Department of Botany, Bharathiar
University, Coimbatore · Dr.N. Balasundaram, Principal Scientist,
Division of Crop Improvement Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Coimbatore.·
Dr.N. Subramaniam, Senior Scientist, Division of Crop Improvement,
Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Coimbatore.

I shall be happy to hear from you!


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