creeping charlie

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Wed Oct 6 14:13:23 EST 1999

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>I have hanging baskets that contain creeping charlie and vinca on my porch.
>I live in zone 6. Is there anything  can do to winterize them so they will
>grow next year?

THe vincas used in hanging baskets are usually the tropical ones.  I
think they are in Catharanthus now.  The hardy vinca has blue flowers.

There are a number of plants called creeping charlie.  Around here, the
name is applied to Glechoma hederacea (sp?).  I've seen a variety with 
white-edged leaves used in hanging baskets.  If I were you, I'd burn it 
in a cement kiln and scatter the ashes at sea.  Once it gets into a lawn,
you will never get it out.  It's all too hardy.

You may be able to save the vincas by bringing them in as houseplants,
although they will likely get very leggy.  If the creeping charlie is
G.hederacea, and you actually want to save it, bury the basket (or contents
to slightly below ground level, and maybe mulch with some dead leaves.
Don't say I didn't warn you when it escapes and takes over! :-)

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