Ficus Benjamina Tree in trouble - its dead, Jim.

Stephen M Jankalski CEREOID at
Thu Oct 7 05:13:49 EST 1999

Ficus benjamina should come with a warning label. I'm sure those who work
in the place you bought are well aware of the problems with the plant. They
probably chuckled about it when you left the store. Caveat Emptor.

I suppose the moral to the story is that with plants, as with animals, you
should read up on them BEFORE you purchase one.

There was once a case on People's Court where someone was trying to sue a
plant store because the Ficus benjamina they bought had dropped all its
leaves. Judge Wopner threw the case out be cause he was already familiar
with leaf drop with the "Weeping Fig" and he knew it was normal for the

JL <lystadjo at> wrote in article
<37FC6211.52D5A104 at>...
> Stephen M Jankalski wrote:
> > What to do now? Just wait and see what happens next.
> >
> > They don't call Ficus benjamina the "Weeping Fig" for nothing. Leaf
drop is
> > quite common for newly purchased plants. It may grow new leaves once
> > acclimatized or perish. It is not a very good houseplant. The benefits
> > fluorescent lights would be negligible for such a large tree.
> >
> > Can you return it and get your money back?
> It just died.  Oh well, I have a stick tree now.  They won't take it back
> (accused me of neglect.  Hah!!)
> So I just wasted 100$ on a damn thing.  Why did it die so fast, I've
> heard of such a thing.  I had it for 2 weeks, that's all.  First three
days, no
> leaf drop.  After that, it came down in droves, more than my vacuum
> could handle.

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