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Pam Sinclair grdngal at
Thu Oct 7 12:58:01 EST 1999

Stephen M Jankalski wrote:

> Dear Beverly,
> I know Lysimachia nummularia as "Creeping Charlie". A close relative,
> Lysimachia congestiflora, is currently in the trade as a hanging basket
> plant.
> Still have no idea which plant Jerry is calling "Creeping Charlie".
> Cereusly Steve

Lysimachia nummularia is sometimes known as "creeping Charlie", but is more
commonly known as "creeping Jennie".  "Creeping Charlie" is a common name
applied to Glechoma hederacae (ground ivy),  Malva sylvestris (Cheeses or wood
mallow), Pilea nummulariifolia, and Plectranthus (Swedish ivy) and probably a
few others. Common names seem to be a regional thing, often the same name
referring to a different plant in a different area. Once again we see the
advantages of the Latin binomial convention - botanical names are invaluable in
determining what to do about what.

Pam - gardengal

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