creeping charlie

Steve Hinkson sphinkson at
Thu Oct 7 17:49:16 EST 1999

> > Creeping charlie has to come in.
> Cool! Does this mean the stuff that took over my lawn this year
> will die when it snows? Or am I stuck with it anyway?

*grin* @ Charlotte !many plants go by that name, unfortunately.
That's exactly why Steve J. is always harassing folks to identify
their plants.  The three most common "Creeping Charlies" are Pilea
serpyllacea with VERY
puckered, textured leaves, and a vining coleus realitive called
Plectranthus, one with scalloped edged shiny, thick leaves, and the
other with large (3" or 8cm.) fuzzy leaves.  Both of the Plectranthus
Creeping Charlies are most often sold as variegates with white
margins.  These three are tropicals, and yes, they'll be gone BEFORE
snowfall.  But the plant you're calling Creeping Charley may not be
any of them?

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