Datura (Angel's Trumpet)

Peter Billinghurst peterjbilling at email.msn.com
Sun Oct 10 08:27:57 EST 1999

I read somewhere that the hallucinogenic qualities were used by native
Americans and that one of the species had religious significance.  Can any
one cast light on this?

Peter Billinghurst
peterjbilling at msn.com
Pixie wrote in message <37FDD5F0.382B at access.mountain.net>...
>Someone sent me Datura seeds last year.  I started them inside in April
>and planted them outside after frosts.
>All of them have seed pods (Round pods with pickers all over them?) but
>only one got ripe.  That is, only one turned brown.
>We were expecting hard frost so yesterday I removed several pods and
>brought them into the house but most were green yet.  Will these seeds
>be viable?
>I know nothing about Datura.

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