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> Can you suggest a palm for an indoor plant?
> I have a cathedral ceiling, 8 ft at the walls and 14 ft at the peak,
> so I would want a variety that would fit well in this space.
> I am in Houston, TX and have skylights - the room is bright.
> It would get about 15 minutes of direct light twice a day through the
> skylights plus diffused light through 6 foot wide doors.
> I could take it outdoors for a few weeks each quarter if that is
> to keep it healthy.
> The nurseries sell a number of types of palms.  I really don't trust
> to give me the right information.
> All information is appreciated.
g'day james,

well you could start with the 'chamaedorea' palms there is a large
selection in this group, some single trunk some clustering species
there are literally dozens of palms in this group.

then the 'howea fosteriana' aka 'kentia palm' in australia.

the 'chrysalidocarpus lutescans' now known as 'dypsis lutescans'
aka 'golden cane palm'.

'archontophoenix alexandrae' aka 'alexander palm'.

and any shade loving palm that you come across would almost fit the


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