Sick Ornamental Orange Tree

Steve Hinkson sphinkson at
Thu Oct 14 03:12:16 EST 1999

Sounds like root rot, to me.
Citrus are NOT tolerant of stagnant soil, and do not fill a pot with roots
very quickly.
If the pot you replanted in was more than an inch in radius bigger than the
one it was in, then that sleeve of new, unused wet soil is causing the
Repot again, and look for live root tips. (they're white).  If they're
there, go back to the original size for a while.   If you can't find any,
shake off ALL the soil, and plant the tree in the smallest pot in which it
will fit with coarse sand and just a bit of new peat moss.  Water well
ONCE,  then seal the whole thing in a terrarium, and hope it re-roots.

> I recently purchased an orange tree.  It was in a pot far too small for
> it so I repotted it two days after purchasing it.  Five days after
> repotting I noticed the leaves were starting to curl up, now all the
> leaves are curled up and the poor thing looks dead.  It has been getting
> water on a regular basis and has been receiving sufficient light.  I
> can't figure out what is wrong, can anyone help?
> Thanks.
> Laurie

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