How do you make a Poinsettia turn red?

Janice ginki at
Thu Oct 14 23:43:59 EST 1999

Thank you Monique and Steve, I have hidden
my Poinsettia in a dark closet!  I just have 1 more
question, normal indoor light bulbs can't replace
sunlight for other plants, why do they affect the
Poinsettia's blooming process??


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Monique Reed wrote:

> Poinsettias develop red coloration only under long night (short day)
> conditions.  Normal home lighting usually provides a much longer day
> than is necessary.  Try making sure your plant is getting at least 14
> hours of total darkness per day.  This should trigger flowering.
> M. Reed


Steve Hinkson wrote:

> Elaborating on Monique's statements, I put my favorites in a closet at
> 6pm, and take them out between 9 and 11 am.  They will set buds within 28
> days, and even though you don't yet have red bracts at that point, they
> will bloom even if the "short day" treatment is stopped .
> Steve
> Drop by and see me at :

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