Poinsettas (Long)

Mark Morissette pepper99 at NOSPAM.home.com
Sat Oct 16 16:50:18 EST 1999

>            HORTICULTURE FACTS SHEET MF-521 December 1981
>                       KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY
>                      HOME CARE OF POINSETTIAS

Great post..  I promptly faxed it off to my parents who are the ones
in question with the Poinsettia..

Turns out, however, that my mother had put it in the basement with
24/7 darkness (And no water, at that) for the last few weeks thinking
that this was what was 'needed' to get it to set bud's..  Ugh!

It's pretty rough looking, but It's been watered and put in the
sunlight again, and it looks like it'll pull through....although the
prospects of getting any blooms this year may be little now that it's
been stressed this bad..

Guess we'll see in a few months.. :-)

Mark,  Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
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