Getting a cutting to set root?

Mark Morissette pepper99 at
Sat Oct 16 16:58:51 EST 1999

I recently snipped about a 10" section of a 'unknown' houseplant plant
from a friend's house hoping that I could take it home and get a plant
of my own out of it..    I can't identify the plant at all...  All I
know is that it's a vine/creeper of some sort, since the original
plant was potted about 4' off the ground in a planter, and the vines
were on the carpet and creeping a considderable distance away from the
pot..  :-)

I placed it in a small glass full of water, and although it's
surviving quite nice (about a week or so now) there are no signs that
it's beginning to set root at all..

I'm new at this snipping thing, so am I missing something here, or
doing it completely wrong?  I could have sworn that I've seen people
get snipping to set enough roots to plant in soil this way, but I seem
to be getting no results.  

I know that without a positive identification, this may be a tough
question...  If needed, I can snap a picture with my Digital camera of
the snipping (or the original plant, for that matter) and post it on
my website for everyone to see..


Mark,  Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
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