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Wed Oct 20 09:26:13 EST 1999

Reading back over my post I'm wondering "whatever was I thinking?"  Delete
the darn thing.  You are correct, and I resign from the game.   :-)

Sheesh... you'd think that I'd know the difference.  Growing up with both in
the backyard, they are among the first trees that I learned.  I certainly
caught a lot of bluegills on catalpa worms, and bent plenty of staples when
building fence with the osage orange posts.  When taking classes with
Hightshoe 20 years ago, he even gave me an "A".  (I hope that he doesn't
take it back.)

Apparently, I've been living in the sub-tropics for too long.

Sign me,


Joe Dixon wrote in message <19991019200136.15912.00000059 at>...
>>Catalpa, although native to a small area of Oklahoma, was commonly used
>>hedgerows and source of fenceposts throughout the midwest
>Hmm, not meaning to be a nit picker, but are you sure you aren't confusing
>Catalpa (Catalpa spp.) with Osage Orange (Maclura pomifera)?
>You are correct that Catalpa has been/is used for fence posts, however I've
>never heard of it being used as a hedgerow (unlike Maclura which was
>brought to the midwest for that purpose)
>I did a quick check of some sources (Hightshoe 1988, Harlow et al. 1996, &
>Grimm 1983) and found that both Catalpa speciosa and Catalpa bignonioides
>found throughout the Southeastern US and parts of the midwest (i.e.
>Indiana), while Maclura is restricted to areas in Oklahoma and Texas.
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