Plantbio-list owner is out to lunch for weeks now!

Ross Koning koning at ECSUC.CTSTATEU.EDU
Fri Oct 22 09:02:58 EST 1999

At 3:54 AM -0500 10/22/99, Roger Whitehead wrote:
>In article <l0313030eb43582a84f4c@[]>, Ross Koning wrote:
>> Please stop spamming this stuff.
>> I have received perhaps 50 messages
>> with this same useless line. If I get
>> one more I will be "filtering" your
>> address entirely.
>Bet that's got them quaking in their shoes! Besides, why are you telling the
>whole group, Ross? Unless you can filter the spam out on all our behalfs -
>which you can't - you're just contributing to the noise (as I am, of course

Hi Roger!

Indeed I have tried to unsubscribe from this
forum through official channels.  The server
sent me a memo that since my email address has
changed (by one letter in the ECSU domain) that
my request has to be handled by the list-owner.
Well, whoever that is is obviously out to lunch
for several weeks at least.  Perhaps not paying
ANY attention at all.

I sent an email to the whole list requesting that
the list-owner check her/his mail and of course
this has not happened for weeks.

In my opinion, the list-server and list-owner
for plantbio should be filtering email with
this subject line so that the whole list doesn't
get all this stuff. Filtering is a "basic" feature
of most email software these days...what ancient
servers is using?

Frankly the whole system is apparently
not being monitored and is NOT being filtered. I
am on several other lists from this server system
and I am slowly unsubscribing from all of them...
they are just rife with spam...some of it plain
porno advertising.

I get so much of it that I'm just sick of it. I sure
do wish the list-owner would unsubscribe me as I am
unable to do it myself...their server has too much
security to allow that, but not enough security to
prevent daily spam. Figure that?!

Sign me, MAD in Connecticut.


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