Plantbio-list owner is out to lunch for weeks now!

Roger Whitehead rgw at
Fri Oct 22 09:48:49 EST 1999

In article <l03130302b43628b66dec@[]>, Ross Koning wrote:
> Indeed I have tried to unsubscribe from this
> forum through official channels.


I'm afraid you've expended a lot of time, patience and words on a false 
premise. This is not a list, this is a Usenet group. To discontinue seeing it, 
you need instruct your ISP's or campus's news server, which you do through 
your mail program. I don't know which software you're using but most packages 
have a newsgroups subscribe/unsubscribe control in them.

If you can't find it, EMAIL ME (don't go via the group), and I'll try to help. 
Alternatively, ask your college's IT department. That's what they draw a 
salary for.

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