Mimosa Pudica; Sensititive Plant

Steve Hinkson sphinkson at worldnet.att.net
Fri Oct 22 12:35:40 EST 1999

                "Some people had mentioned to me that there
                are two different times at which the male and female organs are
present on
                the flower."

Just brush the flowers together, or transfer pollen by hand.

Mimosa pudica is still one of my favorite plants, even after all these years.
Were you aware that there's an aquatic plant that looks like a GIANT sensitive
plant, with the same
touch-sensitive leaves?

Anyway, I tend to have the opposite problem with my Mimosa bonsai, in that if I
don't remove new pods, it blooms and seeds itself nearly to death!  I let the
tree make several seed heads, but  it'll make hundreds if not curbed.  Yes, the
anthers ripen first, that's why you need to transfer pollen from one flower to
another. You can't simply rub pollen around on the same flower, as when the
pollen's there, the stigmas aren't receptive.
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